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PC Doctors was established in 1983 as a part time business by Roger Brehm, and he expanded the business to be one of the leading computer stores in the area. In 1997, Roger turned over the reins to his wife, Faith Schaff, who has enhanced the business to even further heights. Faith has worked hard to train her staff not only in technical computer repair, but customer satisfaction. In an effort to compete with young, "fresh out of school techs" who try to run a computer business from their homes, PC Doctors emphasizes quality assurance, customer satisfaction, competitive prices and the very best group of computer technicians in the area. PC Doctors also strives to educate its customers, enabling them to make informed, realistic decisions about the equipment they need.

Our Mission


Products and Services

PC Doctors, LLC and PC Doctor, being one of the oldest PC service shops, has many things to offer the PC shopper. One of them is the fact that we have been in business since 1983, this alone is an amazing feat in itself as so many PC stores have come and gone, now we see so many computer stores popping up and disappearing, people go to computer shows, buy equipment and then when they need warranty work, they find that the company they bought from is no longer in business. We strive for customer satisfaction, as you might notice we try to provide all the services we can for the customer, and to provide a one store solution for your needs. We provide for you your first PC to an Internet Presence for your business and all things in between!! When you come in for your first PC, we don't sell you what we have on the shelf, we build you a system that fits you & your needs, whether it is for playing games or running your business, we want you to be informed about what you are doing and want you to be happy after the sell as well. Come try us out and find out why we are one of the oldest computer stores around; There has to be a reason!

Services & Items we provide: 

Computer Sales (old & new)

PC Repair & Upgrades

Internet Access / Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Service Contracts

Monitor Repair

Printer Repair

PC Parts

PC Cables

Specialty Cables & Switchboxes

Consulting Services

Networking (Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Novell)

Cable installation for networks

Solutions for business networking

Software for personal or business use

Insurance Claims

Third party repair


Web Site Development

Web Site Rental

Business Internet Presence

Personal Internet Presence

Graphics Design

Specialty Items such as T-shirts, shirts, hats, coffee mugs, & Mouse Pads with your logo or picture on it

People at PC Doctors

Faith Schaff / President:

Faith comes to us from the "Finger Lakes" region of central New York state, a graduate of Alfred State College, and State University of New York in Fredonia. She was the human resource director for Cortland City Schools, and the Information Systems Coordinator as well. Faith also was an RN in New York state.

Roger "DOC" Brehm / Manager:

Roger graduated from Kecoughtan High School in 1974, trained in the Air Force from 1975 to 1980 in electronics, then completed his schooling at the University of San Moritz in 1986 with a Doctorate in Computer Science.

Jeff Appleholm / Senior Tech:

Jeff, also a graduate from Kecoughtan High School, received his diploma in 1996, and has been keeping up his training while on the job. Jeff believes in being second to none in his field of expertise .



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PC Doctors, LLC, 1248 N. King St., Hampton, VA 23669 
Phone (757) 727-9263, Fax (757) 723-0603
Contact Roger Brehm (webmaster) HERE

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Last updated: April 27, 2011

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